Monday, February 02, 2009

Skiing in Snow Summit

We couldn't have chosen a more beautiful day to go skiing! It was sunny and clear, and we were all bundled up in our ski duds, so we weren't too cold!

Snow Summit overlooks Big Bear Lake, so as we skied down the slopes, this was our spectacular view!

I highly recommend skiing on a weekday...the runs weren't crowded with too many people, which was great, considering that I haven't skied for 16 years! (It was a little disconcerting to do the math and realize that Spring Break of my freshman year in college was really 16 years ago...YIKES!)

I have to admit, I felt really cute in my new black parka!

As we drove out of town the next day, I had Hubs pull over at a few places, so I could take some pics...  I loved this pic of the frozen lake and the boat docks, which must see a lot more action in the summer!


J at said...

Oh, it's kind of like Tahoe! So pretty. And yes, you DO look cute in your new black parka!

Autumn's Mom said...

I love that picture of you in your parka, it's so very you. It's really beautiful there...I wish I enjoyed snow more. I've never skied in my life.

Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

FUN! Wow, you all really are doing everything SoCal has to offer before the big move... good for you! :)

Cha Cha said...


Katie said...

How fun! Glad that you can squeeze in a last hurrah before moving to Texas.

Robyn :) said...

Oh, I remember commercials for Snow Summit!!

Those are great shots and you do look cute in your parka :)

C said...

Great pics! You are too adorable for words!

I'll be back to catch up on all your latest soon as I take care of this hungry baby of mine! The little one is ALWAYS hungry!! Gah! LOL!


alexis said...

you are totally adorable. love the pictures, and especially love your cute parka.