Monday, March 23, 2009

Basking in Suburbanity (Is that a word?)

I just got back from rollerblading. In my neighborhood.  As in, I sat on my front doorstep, laced up my blades and cruised!

I can't tell you how awesome it feels to be living in an environment in which I can just go out my front door and start exercising.  That was one of the things I missed the most when I was living the urban life in Los Angeles.  Taking a walk meant braving busy city streets, and going rollerblading (my favorite form of exercise) meant driving 45 minutes to the beach so I could skate on the boardwalk.

I suppose that with every change, there is a loss--the Pacific Ocean is no longer 45 minutes away.  Still, I'm loving this suburban life, and taking comfort that downtown Houston is only 30 minutes away!

Image of rollerblades found here.


thoti said...

.. pero Tracy.. que trajes tan gracisosos te pones, jajaja.. estás de miedo!!!...
.. muchos besitos amiga..

Autumn's Mom said...

Fantastic! I hope you are enjoying your new surroundings! Have you met any neighbors yet?

Simi said...

Hope you got settled with your new place? Have you met your new neighbours?Each change brings a new experience na? Have Good time.