Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Good Supporting Player

I came across this article this morning on Yahoo Health suggesting that eating lots of red meat increases one's mortality risk. This was my favorite quote from the article:

Successfully shifting away from red meat can be as easy as increasing fruits and vegetables in the diet, said Elisabetta Politi of the Duke Diet and Fitness Center in Durham, N.C.

"I'm not saying everybody should turn into vegetarians," Politi said. "Meat should be a supporting actor on the plate, not the main character."

It seemed apropos to a conversation I had with Hubs a couple nights ago at dinner. I intended to make 2009 the Year of the Veggie, and I did pretty well for the first month or two, but somewhere on the drive to Texas from California, it turned into the Week of the Hamburger.  ;0)

Ever since arriving in Texas, I have been eating meat as part of my diet, but not making it the major thing I'm eating. I told Hubs that I think I feel best when I am including meat in my diet, but when its portion on my plate is like a side dish, and not the main part of the meal. For example, we had a big salad the other night with lots of diced veggies and lettuce with bits of rotisserie chicken shredded on top. I like the principal part of the meal to be the veggies, and for the meat to be the "supporting player".

Just a little food for thought....


Autumn's Mom said...

hehe week of the hamburger. It's hard to eat healthy when traveling, especially in the car. I agree with the article (though last night, I was waaaay into the meat). I've been trying to replicate the yummy steak romaine salad we had at El Torrito. It's pretty good, but not the same. I may need a trip back to that place this weekend!

Mrs. G. said...

I always think in terms of one playing card sized portion of meat surrounded by fruits and veggies.

But, girl, you are in Texas. Eat some ribs!

Cherry said...

Mmm Meat. Meat Salads, good!

So I started doing something with how I eat a while ago.

#1 - don't eat it all - my father will not scold me for not cleaning my plate anymore
#2 - eat the veggies first so I'm full when I get to the meat.

I was not raised eating balanced meals (meat and rice), but I do try to eat them now. I go for colorful and meat may be tasty but it isn't colorful. But I will have my occasional (more so lately then I'd like to admit) brown/tan meal with a side of fried tan stuff for fun.

J at said...

My mom and some of her bloggy friends taught me to read these medical articles closely. The meat thing was on headlines everywhere, and I heard it on the radio as well. Not one of the headlines mentioned the word 'modest', as in:

"Calling the increased risk modest, lead author Rashmi Sinha of the National Cancer Institute said the findings support the advice of several health groups to limit red and processed meat intake to decrease cancer risk."

Interesting, huh? A modest risk gets everyone all up in arms and freaked out. Just shows how important it is to read these studies carefully.

Having pointed that out, I agree that most Americans eat WAY too much meat, and that your approach is the best way to go. Go for quality over quantity, more white meat than red, and if you're craving a burger, go for it. Just make sure you put some avocado on it. That's my motto. ;)

Starshine said...

You're right, J. I saw the "modest" mention, as well, when I read the article.

It wasn't so much the mortality risk that that caught my eye (though the title is very striking), as much as the approach of the body of the article. It wasn't saying that everyone must become vegan. It was more like, meat won't kill you, just make it a supporting player in your meal.

I'm generally a big fan of balance in life. It's a great principle...implementing it can be the hard part, though. Especially on road trips. ;)

xoxo and miss you!

Dana Cheryl said...

Well ya are in TX. It's normal to chow down on some good beef. lol.

I was a vegetarian for about five years and a vegan for nearly two. Those were tough times. I didn't have the time to fix well balanced meals. I feel much better now that I've allowed meat (usually chicken) into my diet as a supporting player. Moderation in all things! :)

Saucy said...

I really think you are right but I don't think I will ever be able to convince Veto of this. When veggies are the main character, I find that I'm really hungry less than an hour after eating... like tonight.

Laurie said...

Welcome to Texas! Saw your post at the Women's Colony!

I agree, a bit of meat is good as a side or in a salad.