Sunday, June 21, 2009

To the People of Iran: I Stand With You!

To the Courageous People of Iran, those Marching in the Streets:

At a time in history when there is so much about which to worry, so much about which to despair--you are not wallowing in worry, nor are you cowering in despair.  You are taking it to the streets and making your voices heard!  

You are braving tear gas and police batons and asking as loudly as you can, "Where is MY vote?"

You are risking being beaten and even killed because freedom is more important to you than your very lives.

As I sit in front of my television, watching the videos and messages that you are sending out through Twitter and Facebook, I am amazed and inspired by your courage.  I want to do something to help you, but I'm not sure what to do or how to help, other than to pray and to write this post on my blog.

If you even have access to the internet, please know this:  Your voices are being heard by the world and we are watching! We support your valiant efforts to be heard and to be free!  You are my brothers and my sisters and I am with you!  I am for you!

May God grant you the freedom for which you so yearn!


alexis said...

well said, tracy.

J at said...

I look at that and I say, "That's democracy". Here in the US, when an election seems fixed, we pretty much ignore it and go, "Oh well". No riots here.

Ana L. said...

It's amazing to actually see these people fight and sometimes die for the freedom we so often take for granted!

allison said...

Very nice, Tracy!!!

Dana Cheryl said...

watching the brave people of Iran stand up for their rights is one of the most touching, inspiring events to happen within my lifetime.

twitter has been amazing. to actually read what these people are saying as the prepare to protest or while actually out there in the streets! one student was writing about wanting to dance to American rock and roll before he/she died. and talking about calling parents far away to say goodbye just in case... and it's in English not Farsi. it's for us. my mind cannot rest & my prayer do not cease.

God bless them and may He help us become as courageous!

J at said...

Just saw this amazing post, and I thought you might like it, too: