Friday, June 19, 2009

Celebrating Father's Day at The Women's Colony

The Women's Colony is honoring the special men in our lives for Father's Day weekend. I wrote a post about my step-father, John, which is featured in "The Rec Room". You can read it by clicking here.

While you're there, poke around some of the other rooms of the Colony. Johnny Depp was spotted in "The Cabana" on June 2...seriously!


Robyn :) said...

I just read your tribute to your stepfather and it was just beautiful, Tracy.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful story Tracy. He sounded like such a wonderful man! And your dress...words are not enough to describe it's beauty...I love it!

Anonymous said...

ooooh, I still remember the first time I spotted beautiful you in your beautiful gown and now I know the story behind it - makes it all the more special. What a nice tribute to your stepfather! xoxo the fan