Monday, August 24, 2009

Last 2 Days in Charleston

On Monday evening, we drove over to a development called I'on, which is a master-planned suburb designed in the style of the Charleston battery. In other words, lots of cute mansions.

Here, Mom and I are standing in front of someone's pretty front door.

As we were walking around I'on, the sun began to sink into the horizon, and what a sunset we had!

On our last day, we drove around the Citadel, a Charleston military college with a long history.

I loved the Scripture verse on the front of the chapel: "Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth." Perfect for a college chapel!

One of the other highlights of my trip was getting to meet two wonderful Ethiopian kids who have been adopted by a South Carolinian couple. Read about it and see their adorableness here.


J at said...

Wow, those are some GORGEOUS pics! We very rarely get beautiful sunsets in our area, sadly. We get a lot of other beauty, though, so I won't complain.

nell ann said...

Tracy! Hi! I apparently don't have your email address. : (

Could you send me some of the pics you've done? My hubs and I are trying to get some ideas as to what we want for our first family portraits.

We would love for you to shoot us (ha ha, I am so funny) and our little boy. : )

Buttercup said...

Hey Starshine - Sorry it's been so long. Had no idea so much time had passed. I've got a lot of catching up to do but wanted to say hi. xo Buttercup

Katie said...

I loved visiting "Chas-ton" with you! The pic's you posted are amazing!

Hope you are doing well!