Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Photo Shoot of Sir Samsalot!

Jilly and Sammy came over today. It was so good to spend the day together, since it had been awhile since we'd seen each other. (It's so nice that "awhile" means days/weeks and not months, like when we lived in California!) I've been taking a photography class, and decided to have a photo shoot with Sammy using a jury rigged seamless backdrop. These were my three favorites of him with his toy hammer (he LOVES Home Depot!).

These were my two favorite color images:

I'm falling more and more in love with photography every day! It's so funny to me that the things I've been naturally drawn to in life turn out to be things I love to do. I've been drawn to photography since I was a little girl. One of the first things I ever bought myself that I saved up money to buy was a little camera in elementary school. (I think it took 110 film and used disposable flash bulbs!) When I go to modern art museums, I tend to be drawn to the photography exhibits. I'm so glad I'm getting to learn and grow in this new craft as an adult. It's been very rewarding to pursue something I've been interested in for so long!


Laura said...

girl - the crop and clarity on the second to last one are beautiful!! and i can totally relate to your words :)

Cherry said...

so I have become a lurker.. I KNOW! how rude. But I have been watching your photography skills grow and become so refined. Did you think you wanted to do portraits? Because you are doing them!

Your sister is so lucky to have you pursuing this skill as she gets all of these wonderful images and memories of Sam. And of course it doesn't hurt to have such a cute model to practice on!

You must teach me what you have learned as I have forgotten even the most basic settings as I had a good 7 months between times I picked up the camera. Its not like riding a bike when you hardly knew what you were doing the first time!

Keep it up, you are inspiring me.

HA! Word Verf - relic (and I feel like one sometimes!)

alexis said...

these are adorable - nice work, tracy! he's just precious.

Cari said...

You are a natrual!! When is your studio opening, because I'm coming down for family pics! XO!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

What gorgeous pics. I have a friend who makes good money doing this, and I have no doubt that you will too, if you decide to go that route.


I was thinking about you the other day. I was thinking about when Maya grows up, and I hope we're close (physically as well as emotionally). I was thinking of how you've gone out into the world, Spain, New York, Los Angeles, really had adventures and followed your dreams, and now you're home, close to your family. I hope we get that with Maya. I'd like her to go off and experience the world away from us, but come back before she has kids. Being far from my family sucks, esp my mom when she was in Alaska and I was here.

Anyway, yay you for being close, and I'm so glad you get to spend time with your mom and Jilly and that GORGEOUS baby!