Friday, September 04, 2009

If this had not happened, we would have never met...

When you have met and married someone you love so deeply, it's hard to imagine that anything could have kept you apart. Yet so much happened to bring us together!

The internet was invented.
We both had personal computers.
Neil Clark Warren created eHarmony.
We both got on eHarmony when we did.
We matched on eHarmony and communicated with each other.
We talked on the phone and that went well.
Finally, a first date, and then a second and a third!

We marvel that we met through a matching program on the internet, and wonder if we would have ever found each other any other way. We did realize that in 1994, we were both at the same conference in Nashville, Tennessee, but never met each other. In fact, Brian was breaking up with a girl that weekend! What if we would have met those 12 years earlier? What if we had never met at all? Would we have ever met some other way? Only God knows.

The important thing, though, is that we did meet, and that we are together, at last.


alexis said...

you guys are ADORABLE. it is so wonderful to see two people so much in love!

Cherry said...

I still think its crazy they haven't picked you guys as one of their poster couples. A clear and total success story!

Ana L. said...

I all are much cuter than some of those other couples on the commercials!! I always look for you all, hoping to see if you all have been picked!!

J at said...

Reminds me of an episode of Cosmos. Have you guys watched that series? Carl Sagan is wonderful. Anyway, he starts it off with the following..."If you want to make an apple pie, you must first create the Universe".

Love it.

C said...

I'm with Cherry! I can totally see you two as a poster couple for eHarmony!

I love the story of how you and Brian got together. I can think of no better a match! You two are meant to be together! xo