Monday, October 12, 2009

He Hearts Me!

And oh, how I love him, too!

Not only does he know who I am, but he now understands that I am "Tia"! Being a part of his life (and him being a part of mine) has been one of the greatest blessings of moving back to Texas. He is one special boy!


The Moore Family said...

How special... he's a little cutie-pie!!!

J at said...

He is indeed a cutie pie!

Middle Aged Woman said...

That boy is going to be beating off the girls with a stick! Loved your latest piece at the Women's Colony.

Anonymous said...

I,too, loved your writing at TWC. But I am so behind on my commenting and reading - and I was just trying to find a minute (and the right words) to tell you how terrific the photo of the wee babes feet you snapped a few posts back. That photo is just scrumptious, Tracy. xoxo the fan
p.s. snow for the last few days here!

Tracy said...

Dear "The Fan",

I always love it when you stop by to leave a comment. You're so encouraging! Stay warm in that snow!


C said...

Oh! He's grown soooo much! He's so precious! Love the shirt, Tia! ;)