Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Spiritual Heritage

Today, I attended church in my hometown. The church was celebrating its 30th anniversary, so there was special music and a slideshow as families that had been in the church for years talked about its history and what God has done over the past three decades.

My mom was singing in the choir today, along with several other women who are mothers of my friends. Tears of joy and gratitude filled my eyes as I watched them sing, reading their sheet music through their bifocals. These women, who were once the mothers of us high school-aged kids, are now all grandmothers. And we, their children, are the next generation of mothers and fathers to young children.

It was really special to pause and notice the spiritual legacy that is being passed down from generation to generation, and I'm very thankful to be a link in that chain.


Sharon said...

It's was a wonderful celebration and so awesome to be a part of this church. We need to get together for a visit.

Ana L. said...

Well said!
What a great experience..

Kelli Ugarte said...

Your mom is so proud of you!!! She wanted me to read. What a great experience :)