Thursday, October 22, 2009

Introducing Starshine Photography!

First it was a dream, and now it's a reality--I've stared a photography business!

Feel free to browse my website, and definitely feel free to tell your friends in the Houston area about Starshine Photography!

Here's a little snippet from my "About" page:

My stepdad gave me the nickname "Starshine", and I absolutely love it! He always encouraged me to follow my dreams and wanted my star to shine brightly.

Each of us has a unique personality and we all bring something special to the world we live in. My job is to capture the light of your spirit shining through as I photograph you and your family.

The best photos, after all, are about so much more than just a pretty face. They are the ones in which your personality shines through and the world gets to see YOU!

I look forward to sharing more photos with you on this blog, as my business takes off. I would especially appreciate your prayers for much success and thank you for them ahead of time!


The Moore Family said...

CONGRATS!!!!! Your website looks GREAT! So proud of you!

Jennifer Disney said...

Woo hoo!!!!!!

Sharon said...


nell ann said...

Look at that super handsome baby!!! Oh, to be his mother. : )

We're loving our pictures from Starshine! It's so hard to choose a favorite!

J at said...

Congratulations, and that is one CUTE baby!

Greg Rodriguez said...

Congrats Tracy! Love this pic of the baby with the bells.

Love, Angie

Bridget & Josh Lee said...

Congrats on your new venture!


C said...

Ohhh! That is fabulous! I am so excited for you!!!