Friday, November 13, 2009

700th Post!

Wow! When I went to publish this post, I realized it is my 700th!

Today almost got away from me without posting anything...Brian and I just got home from a murder mystery dinner that was AMAZING! All of the dishes the hostess prepared were Julia Child recipes. I felt so spoiled!

We took lots of pictures and I'll post them soon!


J at said...

So, as the dorky foodie I am, or sometimes am, I am wondering what the dishes are that you had that were Julia inspirations? Were they French?

Tracy said...

Hi J,

Yes! They were French!

We had Coq au Vin Rouge, lemon butter broccoli, and rice with pine nuts. It was delish!

C said...

Congrats on 700!!! :) So happy you are blogging, because I love your blog!