Saturday, November 14, 2009

Murder Mystery Dinner: Last Train to Paris

Last night, Brian and I were invited by the mysterious "Guest Number 9" to a Murder Mystery Dinner aboard a train leaving Paris at 1800 hours. Not only did we determine "who dunnit", but we had a total blast with this group. Do these people ever know how to have FUN! (And in case you're worried that none of us have gotten the memo about the dangers of smoking, those would be chocolate cigarettes we're all puffing on!)

Let's meet the cast of characters....

This is Khover T. Ageante and Princess Idelle Chattre:

Duke Schwazhe B. U. Klare and Belinda Screete:

Our hosts for the evening: Barbra Z. Enhussie and Mal Conntint:

And Capt. Wey Awfcource and Mary Kohn Trairie:

Not only did our lovely hosts open their home to us for this evening, they served a multi-course French meal--all Julia Child recipes! This group goes to our church, and they have been dear friends for many years. Brian and I just adore them, and we love it that they include us in some of their fun gatherings!

Merci beaucoup, y'all!

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alexis said...

oh, y'all are just adorable. truly. looks like lots of fun!