Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm pleased to announce that I'm not the only actor in the family! One of the many joys of my trip to San Francisco this past weekend was getting to see my "nephew and niece" perform in their school play. I put them in quotes because they are technically cousins, but because of our age differences, one of my nephews called me "Aunt Tracy" this weekend, and as you already know, I relish my role as aunt in life, and I'm happy to adopt anyone as a niece or nephew who would like me to be their auntie!

My nephew played the role of "Racetrack Higgins", a gambling man with a penchant for cigars (chocolate ones in the case of this school production)! Here he is singing his heart out:

And here is my beautiful niece (center) who played one of the newsies:

The two of them are cousins, and here they are doing a scene together:

I was truly impressed by my nephew's fully developed character. He was really quite impressive to watch on stage:

"Strike! Strike! Strike!"

Way to go you two! I'm proud of you!

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