Friday, February 04, 2011

Crazy Sexy - Day 4

Well, this is the end of day 4 of the cleanse...just 17 more days to go!  :)

Actually, the cleanse is going well, and I'm not feeling too deprived, although I have become very aware of certain cravings...mostly having to do with SUGAR! I'm encouraged, though, because I think I've lost some poundage, and that makes this girl happy!

I've never eaten so much salad in my life. I hope I don't get sick of it. I love salad and vegetables, so that helps a lot, but I can see that I'm gonna have to start doing some menu planning to break up the monotony.

Brian and I were talking tonight about what I'll do after the 21 days. Will I remain vegan? Will I be more lenient and be a vegetarian who still eats eggs and cheese? Or will I do as my friend Julie suggested and remain an omnivore who eats a lot more veggies than meat?  Decisions, decisions.

Whatever I decide, I really want to settle on something that will become a lifestyle choice, something that will help me have the body I desire, and something that will be a way of eating that is respectful of my body.

I'm glad I still have 17 days to make that decision.  One thing the author of Crazy Sexy Diet says is that you really can't think about this diet in terms of it being something you do for the rest of your life or you'll get overwhelmed. Instead, she recommends committing to veganism day by day. That seems like a much more sane way to go about it. She also acknowledges that it is our occasional indulgences that aren't part of the vegan way that make us human. That's reassuring, because I can't foresee a life free of some of my favorite things like ice cream and brownies. And frankly, I don't want to. So perhaps I'll be a vegan who cheats sometimes, and my feeling is that even if I live that way, I'll still be a whole more fit than I have been over the past few years.



Monica said...

Tracy, I'm loving this challenge you are taking on, and your posts about it to date! Be encouraged! Keep it up!!

Tracy said...

Thanks, Monica! Which Monica are you? (I know 3!) Do I know you? Thank you for your encouragement and for reading!