Friday, September 09, 2011

Return: The Opposite Of...

After returning home from the airport feeling blue, I flopped down on the bed and told Brian that I needed a hug. Goodbyes are so sad! As Brian gave me a big bear hug, I remarked that one of the best things about marriage is that it is a relationship that doesn't involve many goodbyes. Maybe for business trips here and there etc., but for the most part we just get to be together...and be together some more...for the rest of our lives! I'm thankful for that.

Life with my husband/best friend is good.

I love you, Brian!


J at said...

So sweet! I'm glad you live that kind of life, and that I do as well. Another blog friend of mine has a husband who travels overseas for work, a LOT. He's home today, gone tomorrow. She misses him a lot. Her kids are older than yours, but still...I suspect she misses her best friend pretty often.

Sharon said...

So awesome to be married to your BEST friend, isn't it?