Thursday, October 05, 2006

Let's Talk "Shop", Shall We?

One of the most exciting phone conversations I've had in the last year was when my agent called me to offer me representation. One of the most discouraging things has been the lack of phone calls I've received from the agency ever since (to send me on auditions). I've been praying for auditions lately, and I love how God often answers prayer through a backdoor approach.

When I left Texas to move to LA, my agent there told me that they still wanted to represent me, and that they'd let me know if any auditions came up in LA that they could send me on. For the first time in a year, they called me on Tuesday to tell me about an audition that I had this morning. (Thank You, God!) The audition was for the part of an 1800s French nurse.

My first thought: what to wear? Audition protocol is to dress "close to" the character without actually costuming yourself. In other words, wear an outfit that suggests a nurse without dressing in an actual nurse's costume. Being a redhead, white isn't my best color, so I don't have much white in my closet. So my mission (and, yes, I chose to accept it) was to find the perfect white cotton blouse that said "1800s French nurse". Of course, my dear friend Ann Taylor invited me over to her Loft where I found this. What'd ya think?


J said...

Perfect. I love Ann, too. Good luck!

Cherry said...

Love it!
Very clean, and not too nursey (is that a word?)

Fingers are crossed!

Esuitor said...

You look great in everything baby