Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Dear Mom,

When I think about how to express the gratitude in my heart for all you mean to me, no amount of words are sufficient. So I'll pick a few, and trust that you already know in your heart how very much I love you soooooooo.

You have touched my life in so many ways with your love, your friendship, your confidence, your hugs, your listening ear, and your advice. Your belief in me, your availablity to me, your interest in me, and your love for me have given me courage to try, a place to grow, grace to accept myself and the faith to become the woman God wants me to be.

You are a gift not only to me, but to so many whose lives you touch. I'm so thankful that God gave me you to be my mom.

How wonderful life is with you in the world!




Ally Bean said...

You are lucky to have a mother that is on your side. And you are smart to know it and thank her. Very nice.

wordnerd said...

wow..there's no way you were two beautiful peas in a pod.

Happy Birthday Starshine Mom!

ML said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! She sounds like a lovely lady!

J said...

Your mom sounds like a keeper. ;) Happy Birthday, Mom!

beenzzz said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely Mom! That is such a beautiful picture of the two of you!!!

Buttercup said...

Happy Birthday Starshine's Mom!! The resemblance is beautiful. You're both very luck to have one another.

Cherry said...

Happy Birthday Starshine's Mom!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, P! I love you too and Starshine's description of you is perfect. I miss you very much!