Sunday, February 04, 2007

Transforming Love

Since eSuitor and I live pretty far apart, our weekends are precious time to spend together, as we don't see much of each other during the week. Today, as we were driving from Santa Monica to Century City, he asked me what I want from our marriage-to-be. I gave my answers and then reciprocated the question. Our answers were stated differently, but they essentially expressed the same desire for intimacy--to know and be known by each other. And then he added one more thought: "I hope also that my relationship with God will deepen as a result of our marriage."

It was an interesting thought that got me wondering "How in the world will that play out?" Both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible portray marriage as God's great symbol of the relationship between Christ and His Church. In other words, the relationship between husband and wife is a reflection of the relationship between God and His people. The intimacy we desire and find in marriage is the type of oneness and mutual knowing that God desires for us to find in Him and (He in us).

There are many theories on why God wants us to pray if He already knows our mind and our hearts. The best explanation I ever heard is this: because God wants an intimate relationship with us. Even though He already knows our hearts, He wants us to pour them out to Him. It's like the intuitive mother who already knows why her child is upset--she still encourages the child to confide in her.

Tonight when eSuitor and I were saying goodbye, I felt so loved and so happy. So much love in my heart for him. A sweet intimacy shared between us. And I thought, if this is only a reflection of the kind of intimacy God wants with me, there is no way marriage won't influence my relationship with Him.

The above painting is by artist Thoti Gacías, my former boss in Spain. Click here for his blog. And here to see his gallery of paintings.


Anonymous said...

There are so many parallels to be drawn between marriage and a relationship with God! Someday I'd like to study it more. Recently I have been praying about something I do in both relationships - try to hide my failures and "fix myself" before I present myself fully to my husband and my Jesus... it's an old perfectionist habit of mine! That's just one example, there are so many.

beenzzz said...

Awesome art! I think you're right about your theory of why God wants us to pray to him/her even though he knows our destiny. I think it helps us gain clarity as well.

Don Boscoe said...

Great Thoughts!!! Great Art!!!

Go check out my blog!! Big News posted today!!

Let me know if you want to grab Coffee in LA when i come for Spring Break!!

ML said...

Great art!

I think you and eSuitor traveling along the very same religious path. I feel you will both be successful in marriage and religion.

elpoetadelascolinassolitarias said...

Starshine: gracias por poner ese link y por usar mi cuadro, en tu precioso blog... me parece fantástico y es un honor para mi.. gracias por tus comentarios.. tu si que eres una artista de verdad.. en el arte siempre me animaste.. Un besito, en la distancia pero también en la cercanía, amiga mía.

Autumn's Mom said...

ooh I'm wellin here. This is so beautiful, how your courtship just unfolds for us. Thank you as always for sharing ;)

That piece so very much compliments your post.

J said...

I love that painting! Stunning.

It seems to me that praying helps you to know yourself better, and therefore, would strenghten your relationship with God. Just as talking to your partner helps them to know you, it can help you to know yourself, and strengthen your bond. Amazing stuff.

Ally Bean said...

My heart and mind aren't always in the same place, so I always figured that praying forced the mind to see what was really going on with the heart. To focus.

And the art is so pretty. Such talent.

Cherry said...

Such insightful writing!
You and eSuitor really do share a wonderful connection, with each other and with God.

Sharon said...

The one prayer my husband and I share every day is that God would mold in into what He thinks the other most needs. We focus on ministering to each other and what a joy it has been and continues to be.