Sunday, June 10, 2007

Look Who's 40!

Happy birthday, eSuitor! I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane!
(Many thanks to your Mom for these awesome photos.)

Just 17 days old.

Campaigning for Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew

Fourth Birthday

Four years old~Preschool Picture

Family trip out West~rafting on the Snake River in Wyoming.

Junior High~7th or 8th grade

Boy Scouts ~ Always my "daddy long-legs"!

Oh, yeah! Check out those tinted lenses and that blue velour sweater!

Tenth grade ~ I totally would have had a crush on you in high school!

Junior or Senior Prom

Twenty-first birthday!

College graduation

Ski trip with your mom about ten years ago.
His Royal Hotness~Surfing in Mexico

Graduation from seminary ~ May 2007
How amazing to see in pictures the metamorphasis from baby to boy to man! I am so proud of the man you have become. So blessed that you are mine!


Ana said...

Happy happy birthday to my friend, B! Great job with the pictures...

Beenzzz said...

Happy Birthday E-suitor! Those were great photos! He and my hubby are the same age. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the boy scout photo. Nice knees!

Happy, happy. Joy, joy.

Cherry said...

Happy Birthday eSuitor!

I think my brother had that same velour sweater! HOT!

ML said...

Happy Birthday, eSuitor!

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are hilarious - he looks exactly the same as he did when he was a baby! Happy birthday to him.

J at said...

Happy Birthday, eSuitor!

Selba said...

So nice to see all the pictures from a baby to a man...

Happy Birthday to eSuitor!!!

Love Bears All Things said...

He hasn't changed much since high school.