Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thirteen Wedding Moments Caught on Film

I just got the proofs back from my wedding photographer today. They are in a low resolution format, so they aren't going to be as crisp as the "final copies" will be, but I can't wait to show them to you. So here are thirteen (okay, maybe a few more than that) of my faves. My photographer sent me 900 proofs, and I picked out my favorite 200 and put them here if you'd like to see a more complete selection.
In the bride's room at the church getting ready:

Just before the ceremony with my Dad:

During the ceremony taking our vows:

The lighting of the unity candle:

You may now kiss the bride!:

Our family and the wedding party:

Our first dance:

Dancing with my Dad to "Coca-Cola Cowboy":

Telling my Dad and sister that I boo-hoo'd my way down the aisle!:

My mother-in-law greeting the new Mrs.:

Oh, that yummy chocolate wedding cake!:

Whenever I dreamed about my wedding, I always hoped to have a live band play at my reception because I love dancing. So does Hubs. So did a whole lot of people who came to celebrate with us! We had so much fun on the dance floor!:

Because my sister and I LOVE the opportunity to belt out a good song, we couldn't resist the opportunity to sing with the band. It was like karaoke, only live and with a room full of adoring fans! I sang my favorite song, "Son of a Preacher Man":
Then Jilly rocked the house with "I Will Survive":

The band had an absolutely fierce lead singer who brought down the house with the last number...Proud Mary! She called me and some friends up front to "perform" with her. I'm shy, so that was real hard for me. ;)

Leaving for our honeymoon:

Driving from the reception to our hotel that night was so much fun. We could hear the aluminum cans clanking behind us, and cars kept passing us and honking at us to say "congratulations!". We were like, "Oh, wow! We're the ones in the getaway car with 'Just Married' written on the back...this is so awesome!"


Lincee said...


These are gorgeous. I looked at all 200 and am so glad the photographer captured every precious moment. Didn't we have FUN!!!


canknitian said...

Wow! What a joyful, beautiful day! I'm so glad the photographer was able to capture so much of the spirit for you.

The cake looks divine, too!

Cherry said...

They are all so great!
Great lighting, Great expressions! Just beautiful.

You know I totally want chocolate cake now!

Congratulations you two!

(I haven't had time to go through ours yet to pick out our favorites and the ones for our package ... I suppose I should do that huh?)

Beenzzz said...

You wedding photos are so awesome. It's like the perfect fairytale wedding! I love the cake and your dress. Everyone looked like they had a wonderful time!

Autumn's Mom said...

What a party! Love the pics..I'm going to check out the rest.

I had a dream about you guys last night..isn't that strange? Me another blogger were visiting you guys. Yes, we had a nice time. haha

wordnerd said...

I just went through the Kodak website.....DAMN looked FINE! Husby looked great too....

The wedding looked wonderful, spiritual, intimate, elegant and fun....but then again...I expected nothing less coming from you.

thanks for posting the made my day to see you looking so radiant and happy....and thanks for commenting on what is making you smile these days...I'm all about the positives lately!

ML said...

What a great wedding! You all looked like you were having such a great time. I looked at the extra pictures as well.

el profe said...

Hi Tracy:

Great to "see you" again. I can see you had a great great wedding. I loved watching the pictures.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Y ahora en español, que sino se te va a olvidar.

Me ha hecho mucha ilusión ver las fotos de tu boda, es como si al menos un poco (poquico...para que recuerdes el maño) hubiera estado allí con vosotros.

Un besazo muy fuerte y espero que seais muy felices.

Anonymous said...

Nephalicia - Dan here with a very happy heart for you and the Husby! Can't wait to hear great stories of what God has planned for you both. ADVENTURE Ahead!!!!!
Love and Hugs,

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

You are a princess, in a fairytale dream.

Love it, love it, love it.

*huge smiles*


I awarded you with a thoughtful blogger award on my page... please drop by when you get a chance, and pick it up.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Buttercup said...

Starshine, Those are all wonderful!! You're so lucky that they came out so well!

Mike Berk said...

Great pictures Brian and Tracy! Looked like a heckuva party! Congratulations.

Jason Whalen said...

Wow!! Looks like a great time and i wish i could have been there. I would have especially like to have seen you "shake your grove thing." You guys are two of my favorite people in this world!!!

Maya's Granny said...

Tracy, you are such a lovely bride and Husby is a very handsome guy as well. I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful wedding, and a liitle jealous of the chocolate cake, and fun honeymoon.

You are right, doing this at this age is a fine thing. You will be so much better at it than you would have been when you were younger, and you will appreciate each other in deeper ways.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous wedding l agree the photographer really captured the spirit. You look like cinderalla, your dress is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

JoJo says: "Whooooooopie!!" Chocolate covered cake...only giggle girl would do that. Unique, beautiful and you look happy too! Tracy, all my love and all my prayers for your continued happiness. Could you just glow just a little bit more!!! (ha)