Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decade in Reveiw

2000: I rang in the New Millennium in Houston, where I had recently moved. Happily Y2K arrived and nothing horrible happened. The computers kept running and so did the stop lights. I registered for my first personal e-mail account, and I still use it today!

2001: Mom, Jill and I went on a "girls' trip" on a tour of the Holy Land. It was awesome. I was cast as the lead in June Moon at Main Street Theatre. My Mom married John!

2002: I worked a lot this year in theatre, doing An Experiment with an Air Pump and The Three Cornered Hat at Main Street Theater and Parade at The Masquerade Theatre. I moved to Spain and made friends with a wonderful group of people who I still adore today! I also found my wedding dress in a store-front window--no groom in sight, but it was love at first sight when I found that dress!

2003: I met my best friend, Anne, when she moved to Spain and joined the team I was working with. Jilly got married! Mom and John came to visit me in Spain, and we bought the wedding dress! Our wonderful John passed away. I moved back to Houston.

2004: I turned 30! I did In the Garden of Live Flowers and Seussical at Main Street Theater. I went back to Spain for a visit with my friends and had a great time.

2005: I decided to moved to Los Angeles. On the drive out to LA, my mom, sister and I met up with my Dad and the four of us had lunch together. It was the first time since I was 18 years old that the four of us had been together like that, and it was powerful in a way that is hard to put into words. I wanted to freeze time.

2006: My Dad gave me a laptop computer, and I joined eHarmony and met Brian! I also started this blog to chronicle my life in LA and my eHarmony experience.

2007: Brian proposed to me on New Year's Day and we married six months later. We had an awesome honeymoon in Kauai and now I'm a married woman!

2008: My father passed away. We flew to Texas for his funeral and to San Francisco for another funeral and his burial. He is buried next to his parents. I was in my first play in Los Angeles--How the Other Half Loves at Long Beach Playhouse. Brian was offered a job in the Houston area, and we decided to take the job! We looked for houses the day after Christmas and made an offer by the end of the year!

2009: I was in the play Our Leading Lady in Palos Verdes, and got reveiwed by Variety! We moved to Houston, TX, and love it here! We began the adoption process and are finishing the decade waiting to be matched with our child/ren.

I think 2010 will be the year we become parents, and I imagine the upcoming decade will have a lot to do with raising kids!


wordnerd said...

Happy New Year dear friend...I loved reading about the wonderful journey your life has taken in the past decade.

2010 sounds exciting...take care of yourself...:*)

Greg Rodriguez said...

Thanks for sharing Tracy!'s already been a year since you found your house...and almost a year (early Jan) since you came to see me in Palm Springs :) Love & Hugs to you as you lost 2 precious men in your life. I love it how God gave you another in Brian during the same decade! And I am excited for you and Brian to become parents. It will change your life forever. Hard work, but more joy and love than you can imagine.

Love, Angie

Robyn :) said...

What a wonderful decade you had!!

Catherine said...

ummmmmm . . . seems like you forgot "Moved in with Catherine and became one of the elite and much sought-after 'Valley Oaks Girls.'"

Tracy said...


How could I forget?! Add that to years 2003-2005!

Love you,

P.S. Wearing the sweater you gave me for New Year's Eve!

J at said...

What a lovely post. I've lived in this same place with my family for the last 10 years, so while it's been a big decade for us, it doesn't seem to have as many interesting points to it. I enjoyed this post. I'm so sorry that John was a part of your lives for such a short time. So glad he was there, though.