Friday, August 24, 2007

Never Chase a Man or a Train...There's Always Another One Coming!

The above nugget of wisdom has been in my family for three generations of women. It started with my grandmother who passed it on to my mother who passed it on to my sister and me. Surely, we will pass it on to our own daughters, as well!

I so loved this saying that it served as the inspiration for a song that I wrote after I finally managed to let go of my first love. (Lyrics below.) I wrote it as if my grandmother were singing to me. I had the chance to perform the song at an ExpresArte arts exhibition when I lived in Spain. Tanel Garcia composed the accompaniment. I noticed that Blogger now has an "add video" feature, so here it is:

Tomorrow is Another Day

Let him go, sweet child.
Let him go, my dear.
Let that boy fly away.
And remember what Scarlett O'Hara said, child:
Tomorrow is another day!
Oh, never, never chase a man,
Or a train, for that matter.
There's always another on the way.
Oh, the pieces of your heart
May be broken and shatterd,
But tomorrow is another day.
So wipe away your tears,
And put on a smile,
'Cause gray's not your color, honey,
And blue's not your style.
You've got your life ahead of you,
So chin up for the road!
You know that I'll be with you
To help you carry your load.
And if I kick the bucket, darlin',
What you gonna do?
You know that the Good Lord's right here,
Watching over you!
And should I stick around,
The Lord is still here to say,
"Remember, my sweet child,
Tomorrow is another day!"
Oh, yeah!
Tomorrow is a brand new, fresh start,
Come and get it, one of a kind day!


thoti said...

.. ¡que recuerdos Tracy!..
.. ¡que buenos recuerdos!..
.. fué un tiempo tan, tan especial..
.. besos amiga..

Anonymous said...

Amen sistah! You sing it. I love it.

Beenzzz said...

Love it!!!! I really like that saying too. It's amazing how many people don't get it! Loved your singing. You can belt out a tune. :)

Tanel said...

Hola!soy Tanel!Que alegria poder verte y escucharte de nuevo!!
Eres una chica muy especial, y una gran artista!!
A ver si seguimos en contacto!!
Un abrazo!!Tanel.

Starshine said...

Tanel!! Que bueno recibir noticias de ti! Gracias por tu comentario. Voy a pedir tu direccion de e-mail de May.

Besicos para Cinthia y para ti!

Anonymous said...

That is superb! Love the way you sign with such feeling. You got some pipes, girl! :)


Jessy said...


Very can tell it comes straight from the heart, beautiful!

We love you!
The Robinson Fam

Buttercup said...

I love how your smile is so huge even while singing about heartbreak. :) It's clearly a very wise saying.

Jon said...
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