Friday, February 16, 2007

My First Blogiversary!

Yep, today marks the one year anniversary of my first post on The Starshine Report. I never knew how fulfilling, addicting, and fun blogging could be. Before I started this blog, I was both a journaler and a scrapbooker. However, since I began this blog, I have hardly done either because blogging kind of takes care of both at the same time! Plus, it's interactive. I'm so thankful for the sense of community I've found through my blog--that has been the most unexpected blessing that came with this blog. Thank you for reading and commenting here!

To commemorate this day, I thought I'd do a "year in review", selecting my favorite blog entry from each month of the last year. Just click on a link, if anything looks interesting!

In February 2006, I took my social life online when I signed up for eHarmony.

In March, I had fun inventing new vocabulary words, all beginning with "e", of course.

In April, two of my eMatches met each other at a party.

In May, my Dad's fighting spirit inspired me, as he endured two grueling courses of chemotherapy. I grew reminiscent as I thought about my favorite times with him.

In June, I fell in love.

In July, eSuitor told me he loves me.

In August, my galant knight broke wind.

In September, I was forced to remove a gigantic plank from my eye, bless my heart.

In October, I felt a lot of anxiety and had to remember to breathe.

In November, even fairy tales can be scary.

In December, I was in my first film!

In January 2007, eSuitor asked me to marry him!

In February, love was spiritual.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me!


ML said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your year of blogging! What a great idea to lay it out like that :)

I especially enjoyed reading about how you and eSuitor met.

Very cool!

Autumn's Mom said...

It's been a wonderful year getting to know you!

elpoetadelascolinassolitarias said...

.. felicidades.. ¡y todo el año eres una artista!.. besos desde España..

J said...

I'm glad we've 'met' online...keep it up, because it's a lot of fun! Like you, I didn't expect to make so many online friends, people that I genuinely care about. Who knew? Never get THAT from scrapbooking, do you?

beenzzz said...

You had a wonderful year!!!! I hope you have many more just like that. Happy Blogaversary!

Love Bears All Things said...

Glad to know blogging has effected someone else's journaling. I have recently begun just saving my posts as my 2007 journal entries. I am trying to get over the guilt.
Mama Bear

kerrianne said...

I am fairly new here, but happy! blog-o-versary! And congratulations! on your wedding (I myself am taking le vows this upcoming June), and on all of the wonderful experiences of the past year. It seems as though it's been an amazing ride, a wonderful journey. And it will only get better, I am sure. : )

Buttercup said...

Starshine - I have so enjoyed getting to know you this past year through our blogs, over coffee, and through our phone conversations. I, like you, have felt so grateful for the sense of community that blogging has brought into my life, and for the people it's connected me with. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us. My anniversary is coming up on February 24th. Isn't it funny we both started almost at the same time?